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From pitching a fastball to painting a masterpiece, the human arm is amazing in terms of all the things it can do. But I had a new appreciation for what an incredible feat of engineering—and art—the arm is when I visited a non-profit dedicated to designing bionic limbs for children with disabilities.

血战麻将技巧 www.saiche719.top 从投掷快球到绘制杰作,人类的手臂在其所能做的所有事情方面都令人惊叹。 但是,当访问一家致力于为残疾儿童设计仿生肢体的非营利组织时,我对工程和艺术的惊人成就有了新的认识。

Limbitless Solutions, supported by the University of Central Florida, aims to address the needs of thousands of children who were either born without arms or lost them because of accidents or disease. Its goal is to make custom-designed bionic arms for these children as commonplace as eyeglasses and braces—and at no cost to their families.

Limbitless Solutions得到了佛罗里达中部大学的支持,旨在满足成千上万没有手臂或因事故或疾病而失去手臂的儿童的需求。 它的目标是为这些孩子制作定制的仿生手臂,就像眼镜和牙套一样平常 - 而不会给家人带来任何负担。

Prosthetic arms for adults, of course, are widely available, but access for many children who need them is difficult or they are unwilling to use them, according to Albert Manero, president of Limbitless Solutions. Children complain that traditional prosthetics are heavy, uncomfortable, or often include a hook for picking things up, sometimes drawing unwanted attention and teasing from other children.

Limbitless Solutions公司总裁Albert Manero表示,成人的假肢手臂当然是广泛使用的,但许多需要它们的儿童很难获得,或者他们不愿意使用它们。 孩子们抱怨说传统的假肢很沉重,不舒服,或者经常包括用来拾取东西的钩子,有时会引起不必要的注意以及会引起其他孩子的戏弄。

Limbitless is working to change the way the world thinks about artificial limbs. Instead of trying to mimic the look of human skin as existing prosthetics do,Limbitless’s engineers and artists work together to design and manufacture artificial limbs that are colorful and artistic. Instead of a hook, the limbs feature hands with moveable fingers that can grasp objects using the body’s own electrical signals.

Limbitless正在努力改变世界对假肢的看法。 Limbitless的工程师和艺术家不是试图模仿现有假肢所做的人体皮肤外观,而是共同设计和制造多彩和艺术性的假肢。不但没有钩子,而且手指上还有可移动的手指,可以通过身体的电子信号抓住物体。

The first bionic arm the Limbitless team created was an Iron Man-inspired limb for a 7-year-old boy, Alex Pring, who loves superheroes. (Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with Limbitless to deliver the bionic arm to Alex in 2015.) Other bionic arms are decorated with flowers, bright colors, and other designs inspired by the children’s interests.

Limbitless团队创建的第一个仿生手臂是一个7岁的男孩,Alex Pring的钢铁侠灵感的肢体,他喜欢超级英雄。(Robert Downey Jr.与Limbitless合作在2015年将仿生手臂交付给Alex。)其他仿生手臂装饰有鲜花,鲜艳的色彩以及受孩子们兴趣启发的其他设计。

The bionic arms have had a life-changing impact not only on the children’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks like getting dressed, picking things up, or buckling a seatbelt, but also their own sense of themselves. Children who were often asked, “What’s wrong with you?” find that they are now the center of attention whenever they enter a room.

仿生手臂不仅对孩子们进行日常生活如穿衣服,捡东西,扣安全带的能力产生了改变生活的影响,而且也影响了他们自己的感觉。 经常被问到“你怎么了?”的孩子发现,他们现在是进入房间时被关注的焦点。

During my visit toLimbitless’s offices in Orlando last year, I had the opportunity to meet Annika Emmert, a 13-year-old girl whose life was changed thanks to the work of LimbitlessSolutions. Annika was born with a partially developed right arm, which drew lots of unwanted stares from other kids as she was growing up. When Annika’s parents heard aboutLimbitless, they reached out to Manero’s team to see if they could help Annika design her own artificial limb.

在去年访问奥兰多的Limbitless办事处期间,我有机会见到了Annika Emmert,一位13岁的女孩,由于Limbitless Solutions的工作,她的生活发生了改变。 安妮卡出生时,右臂部分发育不良,在成长过程中从其他孩子身上得到了许多不必要的盯视。 当Annika的父母听说Limbitless时,他们联系了Manero的团队,看看他们能否帮助Annika设计自己的假肢。

Annika proudly showed me her creation—a bionic arm painted light blue and decorated with white and pink flowers.

“I’ll wear it sometimes and everybody will want to shake my hand,” she said, “They’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty,’ kind of thing or, ‘Where’d you get it?’ and, ‘Can I get one?’”

安妮卡自豪地向我展示了她的作品 - 仿生手臂,涂成淡蓝色,并装饰有白色和粉红色的花朵。

“有时我会穿它,每个人都想握我的手,”她说,“他们会说'哦,我的天哪,这很漂亮,'这一类的,或'你从哪里得到它? '','我能拿到吗?'“

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